Sunday, December 17, 2006

Woman on the Verge

Okay, I don't have a picture, but I want you to imagine this... A woman hasn't had a sub sandwich in months. She found out a Subway Sandwich store was coming to her neighborhood/state/country. It was going to be 8 blocks away from her home. She drove past the construction site weekly, slowly, carefully and plotted her downfall into carbohydrate prison. She knew exactly what she was going to order. A footlong tuna on harvest wheat, chips, and to make herself feel better about her caloric intake, a Diet Coke. She was going to valiantly fore go the cookies because she had to maintain some hint of a waistline, she was in control.
Next image... the woman finally fulfills her craving, she is in Submarine Sandwich bliss. Her mouth is slightly oily from the mayo, her stomach distended from the sandwich, chips and coke, all is right in her sorry little mind, her pathetic little world where food is king. Her fixation is fixed, just like a junkie after shooting up. No sooner did she wipe clean her mouth, the woman learns there is a TGI Fridays that was just built in her town only about 5 miles from her home.......

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tales of a Traveler I

This is a great little picture I found while I was organizing some of my photos. Last June we stole off to Bali,Indonesia. We are outside of a fabulous city called UBUD. This grouping is a holy Hindu site that was quite recently unearthed. The Hindu priests guideing the tour insisted we have our knees covered. I at least had long pants on. and we were all asked if we were menstruating. If we had been, we would not have been allowed to enter. (At least 20% of our family was, but we lied). The others had to wear robes provided by the temple. We all had to wear sashes even me. This black and white gingham fabric was found draped all over the island on holy grounds.
90% of Indonesia is Muslim, however 90% of Bali is Hindu. They practice a really weird form of Hinudism that doesn't really resemble the practices of the Indian Hindu.
The picture of the baskets in this building are actually cocks that have been raised most carefully for fighting. These cock fights are carried out at the numerous Hindu temples found on every little back street of the towns and cities. It is some sort of rite. Hinduism is really very open to interpretation and literally any action or activity can be called a rite or belief.
One interesting thing about Bali...the humidity was quite low, and the weather closer to the ocean was more arid. The weather was in the 70' or low 80's and was a delightful change from Penang's constant heat and humidity.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Most Excellent YW in Excellence

We had our Young Women in Excellence today after church. I was particularly fond of these two displays:) Christina did some excellent work this year. She is nearly done with Personal Progress! She just has to work on the Value Projects of 5 of the Values. Most of the Experiences are done. As you can kind of tell from the picture below, her Value Project for Knowledge was to learn a new skill that can be used in the home. She is learning to sew. Good Work Christina.
Can you tell one of my favorite colors is orange! I love Choice and Accountability. I was especially thrilled that all of the Young Women are working on Personal Progress at some level. When we first came here most of them didn't even know about the program. I am signing off lots of Experiences monthly now from all of the girls.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Minx One and Minx 2

Jordan and Malaina, college coed's .... BYU coed's no less. Sorry but those lame dumb jokes about "how can you tell a BYU coed is walking behind you ...because you can hear her knuckles dragging" don't apply to these girls. Dave also said "Why are there no swimming pools at BYU?" Answer: "Too many harpoonings". (Isn't he bad?) Aren't relevant here either.

I love the way my girls depend on each other for moral support and friendship. I truly believe they are best friends.

Blogged by Blogger

Okay here is the Clove picture I was trying to upload on the last blog I published. I don't want to dwell too much on this subject, because I just did a few days ago. But I liked this picture and I wanted to share it.

I am about 9/10 of the way to moving this blog to a new location. I have had a really hard time with the photo upload tool. I am not terribly computer challenged either. So I just think it should be more reliable. Before I do move, I would like to get any opinions of the Blogger Beta with the Google enhancements. Also, if anyone has suggestions as to improving my luck with uploading, I'd like to hear about it.

I don't care about formating, of even really with the looks or asthetics of the blog page. I just expect it to be dependable.