Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Day of Love to All

Christina and her cute guy Brandon celebrate Valentine's day with a cheese pizza. Now that is my kind of gift.

Brandon's mom is always worried about Christina's vegetarianism. She is trying to get her to eat salmon all the time. Her reasoning is..."they are going to die anyway!". So she gave her a chocolate fish to encourage her in giving fish a try.

Now this is the type of fish Christina will eat!

I had to visit the dentist last week and he numbed my upper lip and nose. This is how I looked most of the day. I went all over the mall looking like this. When I got to Macy's the girls up at the shoe counter said I looked like Angelina Jolie, and they liked how I did my lips.

So, on that happy note, I leave you with my cute pucker above and wish you a very happy weekend.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Jazz-tastic Time!!

Look...Life goes on. Wow! Steve and Dana Daly, old and dear friends from early Intel days invited us to go with them to the Jazz game tonight. Boy, did we need that!!!
The burdens of late, have been postponed at least for now. This is a great photo of me and Dave, the sweetest, studliest guy in the whole arena!!!
Dana is one of those girlfriends that you can say anything to. Nothing is off limits! We first met about 15 years ago when our husbands were financial analysts at Intel in American Fork. We all went to lunch at McDonald's and the rest is history.

Dave now works for Steve at Landesk. They also work out every morning at the gym and they plan on making a big REVEAL of their efforts in the Spring.

Now anyone who knows me and reads this blog, knows I do not go to an event without posting a people watching picture. These ones were too good not to post here. "Way to go, not so hot guy, getting the blond lady to smile at you."
Hope you can see the fun in these photos. It was so nice to spend some rare time with these friends. I appreciate all they have done for us, and the love and care they show.