Sunday, February 27, 2011

Karma and the Orange Scarf.

So my mother gave me a shoe box full of beautiful scarves that my grandmother collected throughout her life.  I was very excited to get those.  I am a scarf lover, I love them dearly!!!  But I remember my grandmother always had a scarf.  A classy scarf on her stylish head or around her neck.  She had Vera scarves, and some that she made.   Amongst these scarves was an incredible orange scarf that had no equal. It was orange, blue, green, and oh so classy.  The one shown above does not even compare to it.

Well one night after the opera (wearing grandmas orange scarf),  we went out for a late bite to eat at "Lucky Boy's" in Pasadena.  It was late and the restaurant was full of colorful people.  One such girl walked in and she was wearing the shortest skirt ever, her poor bottom was hanging out.   I thought I would sneak a photo, you know like they do in "Glamour" magazine that they label as "glamour do's and don'ts."  I was so sneaky, but I forgot to turn off the flash.  I took the picture &^%wham@&^ the flash went off right there on her behind!! I wished that a hole had opened in the floor and I could have fallen in. 

In the meantime... I had taken off the orange scarf to avoid getting grease on the scarf! (Look at the food!! It is greasy!!)  I notedly put the scarf on the booth next to me and then said to myself,"don't forget the scarf."  Well after I took the flash photography, and I was so mortified for my behavior, we hurriedly left.  Two days later I realized, I left the scarf sitting there in the booth.  I think Karma had come around to bite me and give me a kick for my bad behavior.  I truly hope the girl with the short dress has the scarf and is taking good care of it.  My behavior was boorish and you deserve it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grads are Glad

As difficult as it might be to contemplate this mega movie visionary, and petty tyrant was also a philanthropist to the USC Keck School of Medicine. Not many people have not seen a MGM movie or heard a song by the recording branch of that empire; but, I wonder how many of us have benefited from the people who learned at this school, and have gone on to teach others what they know?

 Well, my daughter and her friends shown here, are a few of the new generation learning at this school.  Right now Malaina and her friends are worrying about their next and final rotations before they pick a specialty to study and attain their Ph.D's.  Come on kids, you have one more day!

I find it interesting that at any level of academia, there is a beginner class.  When you are a senior in High School, woman, you are the queen.  You have the best lockers, best parking, a Senior courtyard, etc.  But even in Medical School, there is pecking order.  The Grad School kids are relegated to the window seats and the farthest away parking lots.  The other more advanced students have their seats at better tables and covered parking.
Do you remember the "Friends" episode where Ross and Joey worked at the same museum, but because of their status, they pretended they didn't know each other, or eat at the same table.  Ha!  It is kind of the same thing at the USC Medical School cafeteria.  I got a kick out of that.

Malaina is working at a lab located in the USC School of Pharmacy.  The lab and the Professor of the group are trying to localize hormones and genes in women that cause Alzheimer's.  I am sure there is more to it than that explanation, but I write what I understand.

I am so grateful that my daughter has used her brains to excel in the Medical field.  Thanks to USC for picking a super great girl to give an education to.  Blessedly she is thriving with good friends, and not killing herself too bad yet.  Right now she does not have to do much writing or any publishing, but that is coming.  Malaina is an excellent author, but she tends to procrastinate, I hope she keeps it to herself.  I might stress too much when I eventually hear the anxiety in her voice when she calls home.  Then there might be no Glad sleeping at my house!


Monday, February 07, 2011

This is a Modest Blog

So one of the bridal stores in the mall held a fashion show.  Christina was asked by her friend Krystina to be one of the models representing Provo High School.  The whole idea was to showcase modest prom dresses.  Just look at the following examples.  Yes, they cover the shoulder and the cleavage.  Yes, they cover the back and the legs.  And yes, they are darling dresses.

 Christina will make a lovely prom date.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Funny Valentine Gift

Moschino Funny

Moschino Funny
To buy, click the words above.

My husband got on an elevator last Valentine season and smelled a really good smelling lady.  Hmmm should I be worried?  Never!!!  He asked her what scent she was wearing and then went right online and bought me some.(romantic)  I have to say, I have lots of lovely perfumes from Chanel No.5 to Dolce & Gabbana's The One Rose.,  But I love, love, love my Moschino isn't that "Funny"?
Fragrance Description: Moschino Funny Perfume by Moschino, A mischievous floral/fruity scent for women composed of top notes of seville orange, pink pepper, red currant; heart notes of jasmine, peony, violet, green tea with a base of amber, cedar, musk. The lighthearted bottle with blue tinted scent adds to the lively experience.
Guys and gals,  be a good Valentine and go get some of this yummy stuff.

I found this fascinating article on fragrance lingo:

Perfume Making - Fragrance Notes And Accord Explained


Remy Baker

What Are Fragrance Notes?
Perfumes are made up of different fragrance notes that come together in accords to form the aromatic framework of the blend.
For the average person, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact scent structure and content of a fragrance note. This is because each note is usually made up of so many components that it’s impossible for the lay person to work out the content.
The only way to establish the full note structure of a perfume will require you having access to the original formula chemical analysis of the blend.
The perfume notes of fragrances or aroma oils are broken down into three sections. These sections represent the different stages in the life of the perfume; from when it is freshly applied, through its dry down, through to the final evaporation stage.
Top Note
This is the first phase of a perfume\'s life and plays a major part in the first impact the scent makes. It forms a perfume’s initial impression.
This phase uses volatile fragrance materials that are vibrant and diffusive to provide the initial impact of the perfume, which then leads you into the heart of the scent. Common examples are spicy and citrus notes.
In short, they are the notes you smell first when you apply your perfume and the first components of the blend to evaporate.
Middle Note
This is the intermediate phase of a perfume, where the aromatic raw materials with less volatility than the top note produce the bouquet for the body of the fragrance.
Also known as the heart of a perfume, they emerge after the top note, last longer and slow down or mask the emergence of the sometimes overpowering base notes.
They add balance and complexity to blends, helping the perfumer to create beautiful perfumes.
Base Note
These notes are the final part and the most long lasting components of a perfume blend.
They are the fixative ingredients in a fragrance that provide tenacity and keep the top and middle notes from fading too quickly.
When making perfumes it’s important to get this part right because these notes can easily dominate the overall fragrance of the blend.
In a perfume, the base note appear after the evaporation of the top note, it shows itself through the veil of the middle note. Emerging slowly from the heart note, it reveals its full character in the final phase or dry down of the perfume. 

What are Perfume Accords?
These are the combinations of aromatic notes that form the basic structure in perfumes.
Different aromas are blended together to form totally new scents that make up the formula or structure of a perfume.
Think of a perfume accord in comparable terms to different herbs used in cooking. When the herbs are added to other random ingredients, different recipes, flavours and smells are created.
In the composition process of creating perfumes, different scenting additives like aroma chemicals, fragrance oils and essential oils might be used in different combinations to create new odors.
This process of combining perfume accords is the building block of a fragrance.
Perfume making is really interesting and an easy skill to learn.
Making perfumes by combining different accords or fragrance notes is fascinating. You can make your own perfumes or even earn from home by selling your blends.
Article Source:
About the Author
Remy Baker is a successful perfume maker/entrepreneur. She is the author of Scent2Riches, a perfume making from home guide. The manual shows people how to make perfumes for next to nothing and sell their blends for big bucks, from the comfort of their homes.

If you’ve found this article helpful, find out more here: Work From Home Making Perfume