Sunday, February 27, 2011

Karma and the Orange Scarf.

So my mother gave me a shoe box full of beautiful scarves that my grandmother collected throughout her life.  I was very excited to get those.  I am a scarf lover, I love them dearly!!!  But I remember my grandmother always had a scarf.  A classy scarf on her stylish head or around her neck.  She had Vera scarves, and some that she made.   Amongst these scarves was an incredible orange scarf that had no equal. It was orange, blue, green, and oh so classy.  The one shown above does not even compare to it.

Well one night after the opera (wearing grandmas orange scarf),  we went out for a late bite to eat at "Lucky Boy's" in Pasadena.  It was late and the restaurant was full of colorful people.  One such girl walked in and she was wearing the shortest skirt ever, her poor bottom was hanging out.   I thought I would sneak a photo, you know like they do in "Glamour" magazine that they label as "glamour do's and don'ts."  I was so sneaky, but I forgot to turn off the flash.  I took the picture &^%wham@&^ the flash went off right there on her behind!! I wished that a hole had opened in the floor and I could have fallen in. 

In the meantime... I had taken off the orange scarf to avoid getting grease on the scarf! (Look at the food!! It is greasy!!)  I notedly put the scarf on the booth next to me and then said to myself,"don't forget the scarf."  Well after I took the flash photography, and I was so mortified for my behavior, we hurriedly left.  Two days later I realized, I left the scarf sitting there in the booth.  I think Karma had come around to bite me and give me a kick for my bad behavior.  I truly hope the girl with the short dress has the scarf and is taking good care of it.  My behavior was boorish and you deserve it.


Malaina said...

Poor Mom said...

i absolutely love that orage scarf!

Anonymous said...

I love the orange scarf! Too cute!