Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So... Baby Arrived

My sixteen year old baby finally arrived in CA. We packed her joyfully off to Sea World. A place we had never taken her. And frankly, a place we will never go again(Except with future grandchildren). It was just a glorified zoo. We were the only people there with just our teen. But we really did have a nice day together.
Here we both are getting ready for the Shamu show.

As you may have read previously, this child is crazy about Barbie and yes, she took one home with her.
This is the next best thing to snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Poor Christina has endured being the baby at home alone for several years now. She has been the only child at many of our vacations together since Jordan and Malaina have such strict school schedules, and couldn't get away. Dave and I realize this is precious time with her and we DO NOT take it for granted. She is ours for just two more years of school; I know she will want to fly the coop shortly after graduation. Sigh....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Empty Nest

We had a trip to California planned months ago and as it turned out, Christina would not able to join us for 4 days into the vacation. She got a ride down with her friend Tesha and her friend's dad Art later in the week. We went without her and decided to spend 4 days alone.

This is the classic photo of two people who don't belong.
We are at Knott's Berry Farm without kids. Gray haired and old and painfully alone.
We sucked it up and had loads of fun anyway.
This ride below (which we rode 5 times) went screaming fast and was the best fun of the day.
As you can tell, I was riding solo on this ride. I still had fun and we rode this one about 5 times total too.
Here we are in San Diego,

This is the aircraft carrier Midway (the island). She saw action in both WWII and The Persian Gulf.
I loved the radios. I played with every toggle switch in the joint.

I love toggle switches.

I will post more about our time with Christina on vacay.

Cute couple and PHS Softball

So Christina has this really cute boyfriend. They have been dating since November.
He just happened to know the way to this girl's heart~

Christina is PASSIONATE about Barbie

Needless to say she said yes. More prom photos later this weekend.

So I have been on hiatus. It has been a really busy month for my family this month. Softball has kept us up to our ears in frantic comings and goings
This is a cute photo I happened to catch of Christina being comforted by her teammates. There was some drama on the field but all is well.

Yes... all ended well with Christina getting an RBI and a run for herself.

I have had so much fun with Bulldog softball this year. We have room to improve, so lookout everyone!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mad Hatter

So I crocheted this cute hat. Too bad I screwed it up. I unraveled it and now I am attempting a redo. I know I have a big head, but this hat was even too big for me.

I also caught a good picture of my father and my sister with Tiny at her game a couple of days ago.

Jordan and I went to Lancome', can you tell?
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Friday, April 03, 2009

Shh...I have a guilty pleasure.

I don't subscribe to Soap Opera magazines, but I did once upon a time for a brief period. I certainly don't begrudge anyone who does. I had a friend in Malaysia who subscribed because she wanted to keep up with her stories. (I was secretly jealous). But while we were there for 3 years, I admit to getting on- line once or twice to keep up with my all time favorite soap,The Young and the Restless. I missed a good 3 years of the lives of everyone in Genoa City, WI, but I was able to start fresh upon returning home.

My biggest shock was finding out the Nick had divorced his high school sweetheart Sharon, and fathered a child with Phyliss.
Nick and Sharon have an affair!!
(there is a reason that these are on during the day)

None of this matters to you the reader of this blog, but I just want you to know you are missing the absolute best love triangle in all of the whole entire known universe. Nick is beginning to get tired of Phyliss and her rat terrier like personality. Who wants a persistent red-head nipping at your every move? How on earth are you supposed to pine lovingly, obsess carnally and stalk your former wife romantically.... with the bark, bark, bark of Phyliss, your current wife, and her watchdog-like tendencies?

Here is the cast of the show ( the two children are now teenagers overnight). Yes, I know each name and each story from years and years ago.

I hope I don't get too many people judging me too harshly. Especially church members, who tend to look upon Soaps with a frown. I won't judge you either next time I see you go for seconds at the next ward dinner's dessert table. tee hee.

I have taken up crocheting whilst I peruse the show, so I don't lose my entire soul to the devil.