Monday, April 27, 2009

Empty Nest

We had a trip to California planned months ago and as it turned out, Christina would not able to join us for 4 days into the vacation. She got a ride down with her friend Tesha and her friend's dad Art later in the week. We went without her and decided to spend 4 days alone.

This is the classic photo of two people who don't belong.
We are at Knott's Berry Farm without kids. Gray haired and old and painfully alone.
We sucked it up and had loads of fun anyway.
This ride below (which we rode 5 times) went screaming fast and was the best fun of the day.
As you can tell, I was riding solo on this ride. I still had fun and we rode this one about 5 times total too.
Here we are in San Diego,

This is the aircraft carrier Midway (the island). She saw action in both WWII and The Persian Gulf.
I loved the radios. I played with every toggle switch in the joint.

I love toggle switches.

I will post more about our time with Christina on vacay.

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Jordanian Princess said...

Mommy, I love reading your blog! You are an amazing writer and you have the most expresive pictures!