Monday, April 27, 2009

Cute couple and PHS Softball

So Christina has this really cute boyfriend. They have been dating since November.
He just happened to know the way to this girl's heart~

Christina is PASSIONATE about Barbie

Needless to say she said yes. More prom photos later this weekend.

So I have been on hiatus. It has been a really busy month for my family this month. Softball has kept us up to our ears in frantic comings and goings
This is a cute photo I happened to catch of Christina being comforted by her teammates. There was some drama on the field but all is well.

Yes... all ended well with Christina getting an RBI and a run for herself.

I have had so much fun with Bulldog softball this year. We have room to improve, so lookout everyone!


Jordanian Princess said...

Tiny is so cute! But, I think I am more excited about her prom than she is!!!!

cari said...

Fun stuff! I wondered if you were out of town. :) What a fun way to ask to prom!