Friday, April 03, 2009

Shh...I have a guilty pleasure.

I don't subscribe to Soap Opera magazines, but I did once upon a time for a brief period. I certainly don't begrudge anyone who does. I had a friend in Malaysia who subscribed because she wanted to keep up with her stories. (I was secretly jealous). But while we were there for 3 years, I admit to getting on- line once or twice to keep up with my all time favorite soap,The Young and the Restless. I missed a good 3 years of the lives of everyone in Genoa City, WI, but I was able to start fresh upon returning home.

My biggest shock was finding out the Nick had divorced his high school sweetheart Sharon, and fathered a child with Phyliss.
Nick and Sharon have an affair!!
(there is a reason that these are on during the day)

None of this matters to you the reader of this blog, but I just want you to know you are missing the absolute best love triangle in all of the whole entire known universe. Nick is beginning to get tired of Phyliss and her rat terrier like personality. Who wants a persistent red-head nipping at your every move? How on earth are you supposed to pine lovingly, obsess carnally and stalk your former wife romantically.... with the bark, bark, bark of Phyliss, your current wife, and her watchdog-like tendencies?

Here is the cast of the show ( the two children are now teenagers overnight). Yes, I know each name and each story from years and years ago.

I hope I don't get too many people judging me too harshly. Especially church members, who tend to look upon Soaps with a frown. I won't judge you either next time I see you go for seconds at the next ward dinner's dessert table. tee hee.

I have taken up crocheting whilst I peruse the show, so I don't lose my entire soul to the devil.


cari said...

I remember coming home from school and asking my little preschool sister, "What happened on Young and the Restless and Guiding Light?" Yes, I was obsessed too. I remember when Nick and Sharon were in high school and everyone was thinking she was nothing but a gold digger. Oh, yes I remember it all! I was also addicted to Days of our Lives for a while too. I don't watch much t.v. these days so soaps aren't a part of my life anymore but I totally understand! Now if I could just get rid of Diet Dr. Pepper! :)

P.S. Crocheting addictive huh? :)

Malaina said...

Loved it! I laughed really hard too at your dessert joke. Keep me updated because apparently you have to be in the U.S. to watch the soaps online.

P.S. I found another purse that I really like. Did you want me to bring you one? I got you a belt and another little present... you can be picky about purses so let me know if you want one.

McClintock said...

I preferred Days of Our Lives. However, after a while it seemed that I could miss a week watch one show and be caught up again. That was the end of the soap days!

Emily said...

Hey Cynthia,

You are quite the scandelous blogger. :) I am so glad you are so honest!
You can judge me for picking up kid's fallen food off the ground at the park and literally picking out the rocks, giving baths once and tops twice a week to my children...and going for THIRDS at ward parties, yelling at my children and sometimes spanking in anger, but I could never get away with following soaps, I have too many of my own temptations to deal with. Yes I am happily married and madly in love with Riley. But I know myself and I know watching that wouldn't help me.
I remember a comment you mentioned a while back in church about considering taking out the t.v. I was really happy for you, television is a wonderful misearable thing. I want to encourage you as a little cheer leader, if the Lord is still directing you in the direction, do it!! You can do it! True, there are so many wonderful shows right now! Surely there's a way to capture the best and discard the rest. Early on in our marriage a couple in our ward gave a talk in church and mentioned they didn't have a t.v. and we decided to go that route. I learn how to garden, quilt, etc by checking out books and asking lots of questions to friends, and they LOVE the questions, its a way to make an instant friend.
Still I have my own addictions...for example...puttering around on the internet looking at clothes I can't afford, just recently, I realized I hopped to three different addictions as I was so scared about something, it can be so hard to face things head on for me.
The spirit of your home is wonderful, your home is both homey and beautiful, and you have such sparkley eyes, I love you and I just think you are so fabulous.

Our mind has an appetite and it does need to be fed, with challenge, interest, intrigue and most especially that which will open our eyes to what God is trying to teach and help us with. I have been listening to some books on tape via the library you can download from their ebooks. As far as the interesting-ness of affairs go, might I suggest a fabulous book that is heaty steamy and dreadfully painful and honest, its called Anna Karenina. Yes that thick Russian novel. It puts in light every single thing people give up for the passions of their heart. A few years back my friend told me of another book with similar theme, I think its called The Great Gatsby or something.

I know this comment is what you were not asking for a judgemental comment from someone in the ward, but judging from what the desires of your heart really are that you have voiced, and how much I think of my spunky, loving, down to earth and spiritual friend, I have to be honest in what I feel ;) I have my own weaknesses I think are worse than yours, and I hope you know that, but also know I encourage you in all your efforts to thwart the temptations of the evil one, even if those temptations are as benign as is only vicariously enjoying in the pleasure of other's sins, which after all is FAR better than enjoying them first hand. I can feel Heavenly Father leading you from your comments in church and absolutely commend you in your meaningful, serviceful, and always fun journey!
Love, Emily
P.S. After reading your other comments this one is especially judgemental. Sorry ;)