Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What?!! An UnPrepared Kitchen??

So I came to Pasadena to rescue my poor, poor daughter. We rescued ourselves tonight after the big test in her BIOMEDICAL STATS class mid-term with a trip to COLDSTONE. Oh yeah!! I had the Gotta Have It Size Coffee Lovers; oh how I love the feel of that ice cream melting between my fingers!

So anyway.  All week poor Malaina has been stressed with a test.  Well she's a student, and education comes first, and cooking comes second.  We all know that a home cook has better control over their diet, than if they ate at fast food all the time, but poor Malaina had not been taking care of her own culinary needs.

Since she is my child I just assumed that such a talent was naturally and genetically inherited.  But no, we all have different talents don't we?  And some of us need to develop new talents with the help of others.  So with just a few gentle touches--Mother hen has taken care of  baby chick with about 50 dollars and some lamination.  I had to be careful not to purchase too much.  She has a tiny studio apartment, so space is of the essence.

 Balloon Whisk 20.00 (Kuhn Rikon)

 Pepper-mill and prep bowl for salt 16.00.
Two tiered kitchen stand 11.00.

I also put together several weeks worth of menus with page number references and grocery lists.  Some people actually need help like this.  It never occurred to me that a woman with Malaina's smarts would not know how to do this.  I am sure she is not the only one. 4.00 ( I must try to get a job as an occupational therapists aid, or a personal organizer).

Then I found a really great health book that holds the menus and fits ever so cleverly in her car so she can dash into the store.
Merry Christmas Malaina, there really is a Momma Claus.  It makes me feel good to be needed by my daughter.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Time is Statistics Time!

So Malaina has this nasty Biomedical Statistics test.  Ugh.  One of her goals is to go to the library to study.  It is supposed to help her with her concentration.  So off we go to the fabulous Pasadena Public Library. Built in 1927,  and designed by a famous Southern California architect named Myron Hunt, the interior is original complete with the cork flooring and oak furniture, and paneling.

 I really like the above photo.  Can you tell how busy I am?  I am actually taking up a seriously in demand electric plug and playing Cafe World and watching The Godfather at the same time.  And of course you cannot help but notice my beautiful man, Jon Bon Jovi, watching over me, keeping me safe from the lunatics who haunt the library on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Malaina is pretty busy on her Mac checking her FB status.  But seriously she is working on her real job, Statistics.  Ugh.

Tomorrow off to historic Old Town Pasadena...........

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why do you think I am Glad????

(If you click on the above link, you will go to a really cool blog.  I think you might be interested in navigating yourself to this spot when you find yourself in Los Angeles.)

I didn't want to bother the other diners at the diner by using a flash here, so hence the grainy photos.  When this burger came to the table, I almost sent it back.  I had no idea how I would get my mouth around it, but I tasted an onion ring and kept the plate close by.  I have discovered that my mouth is plenty big enough to handle this burger.  (And as my friends know, plenty big enough to handle most any situation.)

I am glad because the food here was so yum, and affordable.

This is some sort of weird dessert that Malaina ordered.  When I go out to dinner, I always order a dessert that is different from my companion diner, then I can eat different desserts.

I ordered this homemade strawerry pop-tartI HAVE to find the recipe and create it at home,  it was delish!!! The chef nailed the icing, sprinkles and then topped it off with dehydrated strawberries

So Malaina's good friend Lisa knows L.A. like the back of her hand.  Every single neighborhood and just about every single restaurant, or diner, so thanks Lisa for carting us around!!!

Go to this restaurant if you:
  • don't mind a handsome/grungy tattooed, slightly stoned waiter.
  • a dark dingy homely street.
  • like good food.
  • want to hear scary people fighting with each other.
  • appreciate street musicians.  (We talked to a guy who played drums Miles Davis.)
  • enjoy a noisy, fun, interesting, vintage diner!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Glad for Fair Oaks Soda Fountain

If you don't want to put on 5 pounds, DO NOT READ THIS POST!!!!

As luck would have it, I happened into the charming little burg of South Pasadena.  It is just off the Gold Line Mission stop of the L.A. Metro system.  A town lost in the era of the early 20th century.  So lost that there is still a compound pharmacy and a real soda fountain in the town. Can anyone tell me if there is another place like this left in America?

A soda fountain with bar stools, girls in skirts and pumps, girls with bobbie socks, and a charming vintage tiled floor,

..and Soda Jerks behind the counter.

The city of South Pasadena is smart to keep its nearly 100 year old landmark intact.

I am smart to eat there.  My tuna on rye and my chocolate soda certainly filled me up to the brim of my throat.

This nice lady let me grab this photo of the banana split she was just about to share with her husband of 33 years.  She told me that they had moved away, but when they were in town, this was the first place they came.  I know I will be hitting this spot next week before I leave town.

The End, Fini, Fin, Adios.  until next week.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Roses make me GLAD

My hubby loves to garden.  Would you just look at this rose he plucked for me today?  He gave it to me with a kiss and a smile.  If only I could invent a way to make the smell convert fiber optically.

Now to keep it really real, here is another version of same rose and a bit more realistic and less romantic.  But 100 % Dave.  Ah, boys will be boys.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gladly Home Alone

Dave and I are having more and more chances to practice being empty- nester's.  We are sitting here watching the Stanley Cup Hockey Final.  Or rather, Dave is watching the final and running out between periods to water or clip a hedge, and I am playing on the computer.  Christina has gone off to a concert with her boyfriend, Jordan is at school then off with her boyfriend,  Malaina is permanently (sob) off in L.A. finding a cure for Alzheimer's.  My husband and I have so much to talk aboot (deliberate Canadian accent).  

  • Did you know that the Vancouver Canuck Goalee a man named Roberto Luongo, pictured above has broken the "Goalee Union"?  Apparently he gave negative commentary about the Boston Bruin goalee Tim Thomas.  A big no-no
  • Then in the very next game, the above goalee was yanked from the game because he sucked.
  • Then tonight  is game 7 so we shall see who wins the most important game of the Spring/Summer.
  • I have found out that all four of our sprinkler valves to the sprinkler system are working now!
  • But most importantly, he told me tonight that when he saw my picture in my most recent post, his heart went flitter/flutter, and he said he thinks I am still beautiful.  WOW!  I think I am going to like this empty nest business:)))
See?  Dave and I have communicated so well tonight that we have revitalized our marriage with just a few nice words and a hockey game.  Yipee!!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Glad for Sunscreen

My mother is getting ready for dying.  How can this be?  Well she is giving me things, like letters, and old photos of myself.  I have begged her to stop giving me things.  "Mom!, my house is tiny, I have been married for 26 years, we have so much stuff;  I don't have room for ANYMORE!"  Well, this is what she gave me.  Yellowed copies of my wedding day photos.  I have taken this one, and fixed the colors and and added the date on Photoshop.

As Jordan and I were looking at this, we both commented on how little I have changed.  Yes,  I am heavier, and I am proud of the gray hair, but I don't think my teeth have yellowed,(no coffee, no smoking) and I have to say I don't have any wrinkles.  (hats, and spf 15)   As I thought about whether or not to post these feelings of my appearance,  I thought "why not"?  Why shouldn't a woman of my years give herself a big old pat on the back?  I don't think it is wrong  to be happy in my own skin.  Skin that is fabulously supple and young... hee hee.