Friday, June 24, 2011

Glad for Fair Oaks Soda Fountain

If you don't want to put on 5 pounds, DO NOT READ THIS POST!!!!

As luck would have it, I happened into the charming little burg of South Pasadena.  It is just off the Gold Line Mission stop of the L.A. Metro system.  A town lost in the era of the early 20th century.  So lost that there is still a compound pharmacy and a real soda fountain in the town. Can anyone tell me if there is another place like this left in America?

A soda fountain with bar stools, girls in skirts and pumps, girls with bobbie socks, and a charming vintage tiled floor,

..and Soda Jerks behind the counter.

The city of South Pasadena is smart to keep its nearly 100 year old landmark intact.

I am smart to eat there.  My tuna on rye and my chocolate soda certainly filled me up to the brim of my throat.

This nice lady let me grab this photo of the banana split she was just about to share with her husband of 33 years.  She told me that they had moved away, but when they were in town, this was the first place they came.  I know I will be hitting this spot next week before I leave town.

The End, Fini, Fin, Adios.  until next week.

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