Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What?!! An UnPrepared Kitchen??

So I came to Pasadena to rescue my poor, poor daughter. We rescued ourselves tonight after the big test in her BIOMEDICAL STATS class mid-term with a trip to COLDSTONE. Oh yeah!! I had the Gotta Have It Size Coffee Lovers; oh how I love the feel of that ice cream melting between my fingers!

So anyway.  All week poor Malaina has been stressed with a test.  Well she's a student, and education comes first, and cooking comes second.  We all know that a home cook has better control over their diet, than if they ate at fast food all the time, but poor Malaina had not been taking care of her own culinary needs.

Since she is my child I just assumed that such a talent was naturally and genetically inherited.  But no, we all have different talents don't we?  And some of us need to develop new talents with the help of others.  So with just a few gentle touches--Mother hen has taken care of  baby chick with about 50 dollars and some lamination.  I had to be careful not to purchase too much.  She has a tiny studio apartment, so space is of the essence.

 Balloon Whisk 20.00 (Kuhn Rikon)

 Pepper-mill and prep bowl for salt 16.00.
Two tiered kitchen stand 11.00.

I also put together several weeks worth of menus with page number references and grocery lists.  Some people actually need help like this.  It never occurred to me that a woman with Malaina's smarts would not know how to do this.  I am sure she is not the only one. 4.00 ( I must try to get a job as an occupational therapists aid, or a personal organizer).

Then I found a really great health book that holds the menus and fits ever so cleverly in her car so she can dash into the store.
Merry Christmas Malaina, there really is a Momma Claus.  It makes me feel good to be needed by my daughter.

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McClintock said...

Love this post! How I am sure she loved your visit and guidance. When can you come organize my kitchen? I like to cook and grocery shop, I am tired of creating menus.