Saturday, July 02, 2011

Glad for Mexicans

I like any culture that celebrates with color.
Especially my own Mexican Heritage.

I also like the many statements that make us unique

And do I really need to mention my love for the guitar?

Look at the cute little huaraches!!

Click on this link to learn more about Olvera StreetOlvera Street is a fun place to visit when in Los Angeles.  I love the mercado like atmosphere of the shops and taquerias on the block.  Los Angeles was settled by Mexico, by Mexicans, and this is the place.  Los Angeles is full of Mexican-Americans, not Hispanics, but Mexican-Americans (or Americans of Mexican descent.)  Many of which have been Norte Americanos long before their European descended neighbors.
It is an old city,not however, as old as my ancestral home of Santa Fe, NM.

When I visit L.A. I like to get taquitos at Juanita's at Olvera Street.  They are made to order and served with a spicy hot Avocado sauce.  I drink it up! 
 It is this teeny tiny stall with about 8 tables.  

Olvera Street is easily reached from my daughters home in Pasadena, by taking the Metro Rail Gold Line to Union Station.  Go out the front door and across the street and you are there~


Becky said...

When we lived in LA we loved going to Union Station! Thanks so much for the wonderful post. We love LA!

lalo said...

10 bucks for a guitar! YES PLEASE! PS I miss Malaina! Say hi for me...and I still occasionally blogstalk you.


Joyce said...

I LOVE Union Station! When I lived in California, I'd take the bus into Union Station to go visit my abuelita in Monterey Park.

Joyce said...

Hey, just a quick reply to your comment. You just go to the top right hand corner of the page when you're on your blog page and click on design. Then go to template designer, advanced, and then the cool fonts are all under web fonts.