Friday, July 15, 2011

Glad-man Gardens

 Add a hose and a man/child and what do you get?  A really nice garden and
 Dave and I built this stone porch, and added greenery and water, Dave has done most of the work.  Mother Nature has added the various touches here and there too.
 I like the stars and stripes whirly-gig.
 I love this pot.  I love the plants too.  Nice job Dave.
 There are nice surprises in every corner of our garden.
Here the creeping myrtle has taken over this section and it looks like my little pond is floating in it's own section of another green pond!

I seriously hope you will stop by and sit a spell and enjoy our garden with us.


Malaina said...

I like that picture of dad spraying water with the hose, it made me laugh!

Cindy said...

Funny how our guys grew up in a man's man home, yet yours, and mine also, LOVE to garden. Mom wins :-)