Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gladly Home Alone

Dave and I are having more and more chances to practice being empty- nester's.  We are sitting here watching the Stanley Cup Hockey Final.  Or rather, Dave is watching the final and running out between periods to water or clip a hedge, and I am playing on the computer.  Christina has gone off to a concert with her boyfriend, Jordan is at school then off with her boyfriend,  Malaina is permanently (sob) off in L.A. finding a cure for Alzheimer's.  My husband and I have so much to talk aboot (deliberate Canadian accent).  

  • Did you know that the Vancouver Canuck Goalee a man named Roberto Luongo, pictured above has broken the "Goalee Union"?  Apparently he gave negative commentary about the Boston Bruin goalee Tim Thomas.  A big no-no
  • Then in the very next game, the above goalee was yanked from the game because he sucked.
  • Then tonight  is game 7 so we shall see who wins the most important game of the Spring/Summer.
  • I have found out that all four of our sprinkler valves to the sprinkler system are working now!
  • But most importantly, he told me tonight that when he saw my picture in my most recent post, his heart went flitter/flutter, and he said he thinks I am still beautiful.  WOW!  I think I am going to like this empty nest business:)))
See?  Dave and I have communicated so well tonight that we have revitalized our marriage with just a few nice words and a hockey game.  Yipee!!

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Jordanian Princess said...

this makes me happy!