Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Time is Statistics Time!

So Malaina has this nasty Biomedical Statistics test.  Ugh.  One of her goals is to go to the library to study.  It is supposed to help her with her concentration.  So off we go to the fabulous Pasadena Public Library. Built in 1927,  and designed by a famous Southern California architect named Myron Hunt, the interior is original complete with the cork flooring and oak furniture, and paneling.

 I really like the above photo.  Can you tell how busy I am?  I am actually taking up a seriously in demand electric plug and playing Cafe World and watching The Godfather at the same time.  And of course you cannot help but notice my beautiful man, Jon Bon Jovi, watching over me, keeping me safe from the lunatics who haunt the library on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Malaina is pretty busy on her Mac checking her FB status.  But seriously she is working on her real job, Statistics.  Ugh.

Tomorrow off to historic Old Town Pasadena...........

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Becky said...

You really need to stop having so much fun! Have you and Dave ever considered buying a place in Southern California???? Lucky girl. I am just jealous! I will get to visit San Diego and LA this summer for a few days with 2 of the kids...I can't wait. Thanks for the great posts! You are living a blessed life, my friend!