Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So... Baby Arrived

My sixteen year old baby finally arrived in CA. We packed her joyfully off to Sea World. A place we had never taken her. And frankly, a place we will never go again(Except with future grandchildren). It was just a glorified zoo. We were the only people there with just our teen. But we really did have a nice day together.
Here we both are getting ready for the Shamu show.

As you may have read previously, this child is crazy about Barbie and yes, she took one home with her.
This is the next best thing to snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Poor Christina has endured being the baby at home alone for several years now. She has been the only child at many of our vacations together since Jordan and Malaina have such strict school schedules, and couldn't get away. Dave and I realize this is precious time with her and we DO NOT take it for granted. She is ours for just two more years of school; I know she will want to fly the coop shortly after graduation. Sigh....


cari said...

It's so great you get to do things like that with her! I hope it's the same way with us when Emma's Christina's age. Although, I hope we won't be too old to do fun things! (Yikes.)

Sarah said...

Your vacation looked like a lot of fun! I love that you and Dave rode roller coasters with no kids. It reflects your fun personalities. :)