Saturday, August 05, 2006

I have a maid

This may seem like a lame topic, but how did I ever live without Kanti? My Indonesian maid or "amah" in the old Hokkien Chinese, is my best friend. I never realized what a slob I was. Why you ask? Well here is my theory:
As a young girl, my mother used to force us into slave labor on Saturdays, my sister and I would rotate chores each week. I dreaded when it was my turn to do kitchen duty. I had to mop, scrub the stove, and worst of all clean the refrigerator. I mean it had to be dismantled weekly. Shelves removed, every bottle cleaned, every egg dusted you name it. We would not be allowed to go anywhere or make any plans unless our work was done and checked over by my freakishly, complusivlely clean mother. My complaints fell on deaf ears. My mother would always respond..."Do you want to be a pig when you have your own house?" Well guess what mom.... I have a maid now na, na, na, na, naaah.. Here are the facts.

Before Kanti After Kanti

Sheets washed once a month if lucky. Sheets washed weekly (or more).
Floor mopped once a month if lucky. Floor mopped every other day.

Bathroom cleaned once a month if lucky. Bathroom cleaned every day.

Fridge cleaned twice a year if lucky. Fridge cleaned every other day.

Laundry done by Cindy without love. Laundry done by Kanti w/o love.

Cat crap cleaned by me. Cat crap cleaned by Kanti.

Okay so you get the picture. My maid is doing everything for me but bathing me and powdering my bottom. Whew!... this blog is helping me unload years of resentment toward the matriarchal figure of my teens . Don't get me wrong. I would have loved to have been as clean and maticulous as mom when I was my own housekeeper, but thanks to Kanti, I am now the woman of my mom's dreams.


anuja said...

I saw a Malaysian travel segment on Travel channel and it showed Penang to be very beauitful!:)
Also, when i was in Singapore i tried a Malysian dish called 'Laksa' (hope i got the spelling right)... It was pretty good! Hope i can find it somewhere here:))
Best Regards..

The Jordanian Princess said...

Mommy-son! This was so funny, I didn't know Grandma was such a clean freak. How did you find out about this fun little blog page?