Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Beginnings

Here is our daughter at her future Alma Mater , USC.  We spent a whole day looking for apartments for her.  We had several criteria; actually she had several criteria.  No roommates, under 900 dollars, security, and parking!  It seems like this was not such a hard list to fulfill.  Bxxxzz. wrong.  She needed to be at least 1/2 an hour from the Medical Center.  So she chose cites like Los Feliz, Pasadena, Glendale, and maybe...West Hollywood.  All highly in demand for students and all CROWDED.  We found some cute studio apartments in Glendale, but the parking was a nightmare.

So we took ourselves back to The Marriott downtown,  (No easy feat) and with shaking legs took a swim and got ready for a superb night out at Jar, the classy restaurant by that awesome Master Chef Suzanne Tract,  who we didn't meet, but we got to see lots of her!

Here we are really happy after eating our faces off.  Our waiter Jeff is an out of work attorney and he gave Malaina his business card in case she needs to contact him.  It was nice to have him as a resource.  This picture looks like we are drinking booze, but we just had virgin Mojitos and bottled water.  Dinner including tip and valet parking was only 250.00.  Our daughter was worth it.  WTH... it's only money.  lol
We finally found a DARLING studio apartment in Pasadena on our last day there. (So we celebrated our success with lunch at Olvera Street above) The criteria was met! Underground gated parking, secure coded entrance, her own stairway, air conditioning, and all utilities included for just about a hundred less than our house payment! She should be able to afford that since she has a living stipend.  And, the Freeway is easy to get on and off,  she is about 15 miles from the Keck School of Medicine, and best of all, there is a great little market just around the corner where she can buy all her diet cokes!


Our Blog Spot said...

Holy crap!! GO MALAINA! Seriously, I am so impressed with her. Please pass on my kudos.

My husband walked in as I was reading about her, and he said, "Who is that?" "Oh ya know... a family from my old ward. Their kid is getting their PhD at USC...she is younger than me... like a few years younger... and getting her PhD... AT USC! Did I mention she is younger than me?" Sigh. It makes me feel like I have accomplish zilch.

I am SO stoked for her!!! GO GIRL!!! So, so, so, SO COOL.

McClintock said...

Go malaina! Cindy glad to see the blog up again. I've been meaning to drop u a note. I'm in lehi taking jess to soccer camp tomorrow in provo. If u r in town, let's do lunch. Drop me an email.