Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glad for 6th Grade

There are not many kids who can say they have had the same 6th grade teacher.  This particular teacher has been at all the educational milestones too. This is Christina's high school graduation, and Ron was there at our party for Malaina's graduation from college.  Ron Firmage was a very instrumental piece to the Glad girls childhood.  He really had lots of interests that he shared with the girls.  He really liked insects.  They had to do bug collections and learn the different classifications of insects.  Malaina refused to kill the bugs, so he allowed her to sketch them instead and put a spiral book together that we laminated, we still have it.  He also allowed Jordan and her friend Ashley to read the NSYNC Story, over and over and over as their books of choice.  I was his personal Schoolastic "secretary".  I sent out the book orders, handled the money, and bought books for the class.  Just doing that one chore for him really gave me an appreciation of his dedication to the kids.  It was a lot of work!

He liked to read out loud to the class.  They read some real thrillers of survival by Gary Paulson, and others.  There is a special spirit a good teacher has.  They have to love children, have patience and be devoted to learning.  Unfortunately Ron does not teach anymore. He works at the administrative level now.  The No Child Left Behind act has taken all the fun out of learning and teaching.  No more scuba diving, camping, or trips to Goblin Valley. I think it is a shame that good teachers are leaving teaching because of some silly George Bush law.  But that is another story.

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