Thursday, November 17, 2011

Glad that you FB?

My dear cousin has discovered her voice on Facebook.  It has been fun to see her family information and to get back in touch with someone I see at the minimum  only every 6-8 years.  As children we grew up close knit.  Our parents were close.  Her mother is my mother's niece.  Her father is my father's first cousin.  Our parents were raised together.  They are only about 4-5 years in age difference, so they were natural double daters.  When my parents eloped, her parents came with them.  Then they go got married very soon there after.  Since our grandmother's are sisters, when they were alive, we had many, many get together's.  When we found out that cousins were going to be there...we were ecstatic.  Play time was magical and you dreaded the moments when your parents said it was time to go.

So as life happens, time comes and people move, people die, feelings get hurt, jealousy comes and goes, and then just when you are about to think that you are going to write someone off...say, "see you in the eternities," along comes that miracle which is Facebook.  It is a marvel to get in touch with someone you never thought wanted anything more to do with you.  But then you realized they want to be your FB buddy.  They start sending you "So and so and answered a question about you " links.  They are new and don't know what they are doing.  Then they start posting the entire menu of what they are making for dinner every single day.  But that's ok, you are just happy to hear from them.

Then time passes, and your long lost cousin forwards everything she ever reads. She send's forwards that try to make you feel guilty for not copy and pasting your support for breast cancer, or veterans, or dog abuse etc.  It is hard when she sends forwards that say that you know who your real friends are if they paste this post to their page and leave it there for one hour.  Then she sends every cute little animal posing on a table, with a flower, humping a computer, or biting a tiny little chick in it's great big jaws along with a cute little slogan. saying when life bites you, bite back. or something retarded like that.

Then the cousin starts saying,  "Good morning my darlings...:   and, "Good night loves, that's it for me."  Then you think to yourself how it would be possible to limit your contact and the amount of posts from this cousin you receive without offending her.  Then you think  WHAT THE HELL, I am blogging about it and the whole  world will be reading about this soon and who gives a big darn crap?


cari said...

You make me smile!

local dog walkers said...

sometimes you can equate it to that. fb really connects but also destroys relationships. Addiction is the right word.