Friday, March 30, 2007

Ghost in the Toilet

The title of this is real, and true. Okay, there are huge superstions here among the locals. Several of them believe in ghosts! A few of the women at Dave's office began to complain and become frightented of the Woman's bathroom. They swore it was haunted. So, they all got together and requested that Intel rid the toilet of the ghost. So believe it or not Intel has in it's budget to provide for these circumstances. They have brought in a Bomoh (Malaysian medium) to preform a ritual to rid the bathroom of the ghost. So, the ladies were talking with Dave at his cubicle expressing their fear... Dave told them "Clear that bathroom, and I'll go in there and take a big massive shit, and you won't ever hear from that ghost again!" He said only one of the women understood the significance of that statement, and laughed her head off. The rest of them just stared at him with questioning looks on their faces.

There are many other instances where our crude American humor/slang goes "whoosh" over the heads of the locals here. Dave and Christina have a date night every Saturday where they walk next door to the mall and see a movie. Well, all the movies here are censured for nudity, and violence here, as well as profanity, so they can see any movie they like . But even the Malaysian censors cannot begin to understand what to edit in a African/American humor movie like Eddie Murphy's Norbit, so tons of funny stuff gets by. Anyway they were at the movie and it was packed. They were the only Americans, in the theatre. When Eddie would pop out a joke, Dave and Christina were rolling in the isle screaming with laughter at the toilet humor. The rest of the auditorium was dead quiet. They came home with side aches. Granted, Eddie Murphy is really raunchy and falls right in line with Gaddis style humor, but I thought it was funnier hearing about the audience's lack of reaction.

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~cari~ said...

So funny! I can just picture Dave and Christina! Ghosts in the toilet huh! Man, that's one way to update a bathroom. I wonder if that would work for me...hmmmmm.

I hope you are feeling better! Can't wait to see you!