Monday, March 24, 2008

Lucky Lancome Lady

Okay, so Jordan and I signed up about a month ago for makeovers at Lancome at Dillard's. We show up last Saturday and we get all dolled up just for the fun of it. We had a blast as we always do going from cosmetic counter to cosmetic counter. We ended up at Lancome on the stage getting makeovers, we hopped over to Clinique and got the always fabulous gift bags there. Our usual sales clerk was snickering at us because it was so obvious we were flitter-fluttering from counter to counter. We found the Curious perfume by Brittney Spears 50% off. Jordan even got her hair styled. It was so curly that Christina said she looked like Captain Hook.

Then today I got a phone call that Jordan was the gift basket winner at Lancome!! I was thrilled because we didn't even know we had entered the drawing!! It was a total surprise. I guess because we are such Cosmetic Counter Junkies, they threw us a bone to keep us coming back. Well I guess it is going to work, because look at all this loot she won!! It is about 300 Dollars worth of product. I love Lancome and I ADORE DILLARD"S.

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{cari} said...

One word...JEALOUS!!!