Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Comfort" Food and "Joy"-ful Gatherings

Will you just look at this plate of fabulous-ness that my neighbor sent over!!!!
(piping, steaming hot!)

She is Vietnamese, so I promise, these are the real McCoy of authenticity.
I alone ate 1/2 of this plate. Complete with fish sauce. They were simply awesome and a work of art; folded and crafted with such care and love. No professional chef, could have improved upon these darling pockets of perfection. I mean, look at the presentation alone! Wow!
I never noticed how much my two daughters, on the left, look alike. Other than hair color...they could be .....sisters! Here they are at the church Christmas dinner with Mia.
Here are Jordan and Mia being silly.
Jordan has been helping Stacy everyday after she gets off work.
I don't know who appreciates it more; Jordan for getting to play with the kids, or Stacy for
Having Jordan there to play with the kids.

Malaina and a fellow single's ward member, Matt, did a dry run of a beautiful arrangement of "O Come O Come Emmanuel", for part of the entertainment. I loved it. My daughter is so talented, and pretty, she is minoring in music @ BYU.
I agonized for weeks over my assignment to decorate the church cultural hall. All together this cost $10.00 to do several dozen tables. With the money we saved, we bought poinsettias for a contest give-a-way. I was amazing how many people would not let me cut berries from their bushes or trees. I finally have Leah J. and Foot- Printer's Park (where I poached twigs) for supplying the red berries. Thanks also to my neighbor Brad for not caring that we trimmed his Ponderosa Pines. I also poached pear twigs from guys who were pruning trees at a local Doctor's office complex

I promise that this is the last photo. I really am glad I was involved in the Ward Christmas Party, but, I am glad it is OVER!!!


Jordanian Princess said...

I love the pictures mommy! So cute!

Malaina said...

You did such a good job! everyone loved your decorations

Mandy said...

OH MY.. they really do look alike!

Tawna said...

It looks great. Some people just don't realize that plants grow back!

Brandon Prows said...

How fun! They do look alike... never noticed either...

VintageMixer said...

Those Vietnamese roll ups look amazing.