Monday, December 07, 2009

Infamy Remembered Here

Infamy is big word I need to use more often in my vocabulary. ~ DEFINITION HERE ~ The events surrounding one of Japan's most infamous acts and our thrust into World War II will not be forgotten by my family.

Four of my Great Uncles and two of my Great Aunts husbands, and my Grandfather all served in World War II. One of my uncles earned 3 Bronze Stars and flew several missions over Europe, several earned Purple Hearts, one Uncle guarded Nazi prisoners, one Uncle helped liberate France, and my Grandfather Was in Hawaii, and Italy both.

My amazing Great Grandmother stayed home and raised her grandson while his mother my grandmother went to work. My Dad says during the war he remembers running into the kitchen and in a single moment of angst saw his grandmother with her head on the kitchen table. He says that is the only time she showed weakness. Can you imagine.... 4 sons and 2 sons in law in the war at once?!!

So here is to the Greatest Generation. The men and the women who lived through this amazing time in our Nation's history, and for the incredible integrity and patriotism of their example.

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