Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guess Who Does What?

This is a funny quiz that the manager of this blog thought to put to the test....

Below you will find 2 photos. You must guess who's homework belongs to whom. There will be no clues given. You must deduct the answer for yourself.

Chemisty 481

Cornrows 101

Multiple choice

1. Jordan- Chemistry, Malaina- Cornrows

2.Malaina- Chemistry, Jordan- Cornrows

Leave your answer in the comments section. Do not cheat.


Stacy said...

mmmm I'm guessing #2!

FAMKH♥ said...
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Brandon Prows said...

I know this! Jordan is doing cornrows and Malaina is doing Chemistry.

McClintock said...

aaahhhhhhhhhh #2