Tuesday, April 13, 2010

California Here I Come....

Malaina 21 years ago.
Malaina age 18
Did I mention I was proud of my daughter Malaina? Here is her senior picture taken way back 4 long years ago. She graduated with honors and was 8th in her class. But her class was only 22 kids, so still in the top. But you gotta know what kind of kids she went to school with! They were all over achievers of whom most were Asian, and very competitive! So props for coming in 8th.

Malaina is now finishing up her senior year at Brigham Young University. She is majoring in Biology with a Music Minor. She has played classical guitar since she was 8. Malaina will be 22 in May...hey wait....that's next month!!!!!
Here is a back shot of Malaina studying for some sort of Biology class.
Here is the type of stuff she likes and wants to work on for the rest of her life.
Actually this is just for her plant physiology elective class, or her ecology class or her Organic Bio Chemistry class or something like that. If you have some sort of idea what this stuff is leave a comment.
Malaina was raised the middle child between 2 other sisters. (Who are all kinda cute) This photo was taken about 5 years ago. Malaina is in the pink on the left.

I just wanted to say what a grrreaat daughter she is. She has worked very hard for good grades and now all that is going to start paying off as she moves away from home in August for a 5 year period to attend USC. She will be getting a full scholarship and even a cost of living stipend to help her so she won't have to work as she studies for her Ph.D in Molecular Biology. Malaina has NEVER given us any reason not to trust her. She always makes good choices and I know she will be a great success at the University of Southern California. May the sun always shine and the rain never fall Malaina! (p.s she hates the cold)


cari said...

You raised yourself an amazing daughter that is for sure! Good luck to Malaina! :)

Jordanian Princess said...

I love that baby picture of Malaina! She hasn't changed a bit

Malaina said...

Thank you mom, I feel so special :)

I'm going to miss you a lot when I take off.

Brandon Prows said...

Good for Malaina. She'll have fun.