Sunday, December 17, 2006

Woman on the Verge

Okay, I don't have a picture, but I want you to imagine this... A woman hasn't had a sub sandwich in months. She found out a Subway Sandwich store was coming to her neighborhood/state/country. It was going to be 8 blocks away from her home. She drove past the construction site weekly, slowly, carefully and plotted her downfall into carbohydrate prison. She knew exactly what she was going to order. A footlong tuna on harvest wheat, chips, and to make herself feel better about her caloric intake, a Diet Coke. She was going to valiantly fore go the cookies because she had to maintain some hint of a waistline, she was in control.
Next image... the woman finally fulfills her craving, she is in Submarine Sandwich bliss. Her mouth is slightly oily from the mayo, her stomach distended from the sandwich, chips and coke, all is right in her sorry little mind, her pathetic little world where food is king. Her fixation is fixed, just like a junkie after shooting up. No sooner did she wipe clean her mouth, the woman learns there is a TGI Fridays that was just built in her town only about 5 miles from her home.......

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