Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flower Power

As promised, here are some Homecoming photo's of Tiny and her cute guy Brandon. I am so excited to say, we found this dress for 20.00 at Dillards. We added the cute white shoulder shrug, and the grand total for this wearable dress...$40.00

I think it looks very Vera Wang, or Valentino.

Homecoming was fun. They had a good time and they are glad they went.

Can I just give one girls quick take on raising teens? These two kids are proof that teens can stay morally pure, modest, and maintain high ethical and spiritual standards. That being said, I watch them like a hawk. I think Satan is out to get them but he's got to get through me first.


lalo said...

haha cute!

Our Blog Spot said...

Oh my gosh.

First things first:
I just can't over how old she is now. Seriously. When did this happen? She is so stinkin' cute!!!!!

And. I. Love. The. Dress.

Jordanian Princess said...

I totally agree that the dress looks VERY Vera Wang!!!

Brandon said...


Cynthia's Blog said...

Brandon, did you show your mother?

Tawna said...

She looks so cute!

Brandon said...

Yeah, she thought it was really cute. (Excluding myself.) She says that Christina looks beautiful, and that I look evil... Charming.

Lauri said...

Raised five girls and couldn't agree more!!!!