Thursday, January 21, 2010

Advise Taken

Today I was given good advise on how to handle some of my OCD thoughts. There is a difference between anxiety, and Obsessive thoughts. Anxiety can be productive, and help you function, or figure out a problem in a healthy manner. Obsession is a great big argument with yourself. Thinking about a problem you have no control over, and then turning it into bigger issues, and then running the record over and over in your brain, and getting no results but more and more obsessive thoughts.

And then there is the dangerous Anxiety that can be debilitating; a total loss of the ability to function in a healthy manner because of limitations/ or expectations you have burdened yourself with through the years. This type of anxiety can lead to many problems. I won't list all of my problems here. But I would like to write down, (with advise from my doc) some of the obsessive thoughts and then put them away for the night.

Today my dear friend, and next door neighbor has had a massive coronary, and has fallen into a coma. Obviously my thoughts are turned to her. My heart is in my throat, and I feel totally helpless. I cannot do a thing to change her health. I cannot fix her heart, or bring her out of her coma. I cannot bring down her blood pressure, or explain to her grandbabies why Grandma is near death. I can pray for Shawna and her dear husband Brad, and I can show them my love, by visiting, and being there for her.

I can only do what I can do; keep a prayer in my heart and turn it over to God. Lord be with my dear friends. Keep Shawna in the hollow of thy hand. Help me to be a good neighbor and to turn my attention toward the care of my family. Lord help me keep my anxiety at a minimum, and my thoughts turned to thee for thy help in dealing with my troubled heart/mind tonight.


Dafoo said...

Thank you...this is one of your better posts :)

Lauri said...

We all need caring and loving neighbors like you!

Becky said...

The only way I got through my mom's hospitalization and passing 5 1/2 years ago was because of Bill and my dear friends....You are a Godsend to your friend and her family. Bless you and your friend!