Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bowl of Blessings

For many months now I have kept a bowl on the kitchen counter like that pictured above. In fact this is my picture. Sometimes it has cherry tomatoes, sometimes it has grapes, sometimes it has granola bars, or nuts. I have found that my family really uses this bowl. Instead of going for junk food, (which I rarely buy), they are used to these kinds of choices. If they want junk they have to go out of the house to get it.

Now, I still make goodies, and Saturday is free day, I am still addicted to bread and butter, and Oh my gosh, chocolate covered Riesen's candy, that Brandon's mother gave to Jordan for her birthday! I like to pretend that a Michelin star chef is going to ring my doorbell and offer to cook dinner from the ingredients I have on hand. Right now he/she will find the best cheeses, pastas, and veggies. Prime cuts of venison, beef, chicken and pork. Shell fish, nuts and every spice you could possibly want. Oh, and homemade Lemon Curd, and Sage Honey from AdreAnn. Yes!!!

Not to toot my own horn....but TOOT...TOOT.

Thank you dear Lord, for our bounty, and the blessings of plenty, shelter, clean water, medicine, family, health, and LOVE. Heavenly Father please be with those of my brothers and sisters who need thee. In Jesus' name Amen.


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McClintock said...

AMEN!! And add, thank you Lord for I know where all my family is today. There is no fear that they may be laying under a heap of rubble or searching for food and water or lieing on the ground unable to move!

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I like how you say, "that Brandon's mother." Don't know why. Thought it was funny.