Saturday, January 02, 2010

Eyelids are so Sad

My mother commented on my sad eyes in some of the last photos I posted. Thanks Mom! It is settled, my 2010 surgery is going to be eyelid surgery!!!!

Eyelid surgery

My father has such saggy eyelids that his vision is impeded by 70% and insurance is going to cover the cost.

I will be tucking money away, and investigating surgeons here in my area. I would like to know what your opinions about cosmetic surgery are. Vote at my poll or leave a comment here.


Tawna said...

I've had cosmetic surgery. I plan on getting a little bit more too. Nothing wrong with trying to look your best.

Stacy said...

My Mom had to have an eyelid lift done this last June. It made such a difference. Lucky for me I've inherited the same eyelids...I'll be having it done when the time calls for it! :) I say go for it!

Lauri said...

I'd love to have my eyelids lifted and the bags under my eyes tucked a little, I am so tired of people telling me how tired I look all of the time, good luck with it.

Anonymous said...


Ideal Living said...

I think you look very beautiful and your eyelids do not look saggy at all, at least any of the pics I have seen of you. Maybe in a few decades (if ever!):)

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