Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tribute for Shawna

Shawna Barker Rollins

It is said that Shawna never met a stranger. It is true! She was an instant success in the art of "friendly". Shawna was full of mischief, and silliness. We have lots of zany memories of her. A favorite one is when we were spray paining the wrought iron stairs railing in our house black, all of us had black mustaches after it was done. Shawna immediately began imitating Hitler in an almost "Lucille Ball"-esqe fashion. We died laughing. I have pictures of it around here somewhere.

Summertime is going to be hard to get through without her. We loved seeing her in her shorts being pulled by Brody her dog who easily out weighed her by 20 pounds. Well, Shawna is with Brody now' cause he went home 2 months ago.

We are going to miss you dear friend. You are really home now, and I know you are happy there.

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