Friday, January 16, 2009

Symphony Night with My Daughter and Vivaldi

Nie Nie is back to posting (after months in a coma due to burns from a ghastly plane crash). She is wearing her Juzoz's and still holding hands with her husband.You can always link to her blog by clinking on the link to the right.

Abravanel Hall
This happy smile on my face is because I spent last night in fabulous surroundings, and with a fabulous person. Vivaldi's Four Seasons was on the marquee at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City. The stellar chamber orchestra put on a magnificent performance with Conductor David Cho at the helm and Concertmaster Ralph Matson as Soloist.
We have had season tickets to the symphony for several years in the past, just Malaina and I would go. It was that one thing we did together. It proved to be a good thing too. She is now minoring in Music, and has spent many semesters playing with Larry Green and the BYU Classical Guitar Ensemble. She gave me a pre-concert lecture on this concerto grosso. Now she and her older sister have the season tickets, sometimes I get to attend too!

To read more about our evening you can link to Malaina's blog here
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Sarah said...

I am so jealous. I love The Four Seasons. They were some of my favorite to play.
That's such a great thing to do together. Your girls are lucky to have such a great mom.