Friday, January 23, 2009

Elitist Foodie Trend? You Decide

Did you see the article "No White House Food Fight"
in the special Inauguration issue of Newsweek this week? page 10, or link to it here.
Apparently she who's name must remain holy "Alice Waters" the mother pioneer of all that is Organic, "wrote an open letter to the president elect, suggesting that his eating habits could set an example for the country. Waters, along with Gourmet magazine's Ruth Reichl and New York restaurateur Danny Meyer, offered to serve as Obama's informal "kitchen cabinet.'" (Newsweek, pg 10)

A about spit my toothpaste all over my mirror as I was brushing and reading this article this morning. Has the foodie community really gained this much power that they think they can run the White House Kitchen? When did good taste buds, and a love of cooking become such an elitist profession/interest/hobby/talent? Some foodies are so self important now that they have almost taken over the organic, self sustained farming trend that is so popular now. Have you watched Tom Colicchio on the show Top Chef? Last week he was spouting how one of the chef's in question dishonored the lamb she was given by performing a bad butchering job. Hellowww, responsible hunters and Native Americans and housewives from yester-year have had this opinion long before you Mr C.. I am so sick of your shit Tom Colicchio. But, I'll be tuning in next week Wednesday channel 181 at 11:00pm!.

"Soon enough, big name candidates for the job as White House chef began to circulate" (read the article to see who was recommended). But gasp! Michelle Obama actually kept the Bush's chef!!!! SHE KEPT THE BUSH'S CHEF!!!!! Could this be? Did the Obama's offend the foodies? Offend the future "food cabinet" of America? Hah! But alas seems that the Bush's have been eating green, and organic for years and years now. No changes in attitude were necessary in the Bush kitchen, there were no lessons or "examples" to make out of anyone and it appears as Newsweek so eloquently put, "the foodies had egg on their faces".

This trend has trickled down into the food blogging world too. I have noticed this when I visit other blogs that talk about food. One lady even put on her blog that she will review other food blog sites and if they fit her criteria (of which she listed) and if she deems them "worthwhile" she will link to our blog. There is a big long list of food sites I no longer visit because they have become so pretentious and elitist that I feel unwelcome even by the first sentence.

I harbor no hard feelings to elitist chefs and a few fellow food blogger elitists, oh excuse me, I am not an "official food blogger" since I also write about my life and other experiences. But I harbor no hard feelings just the same.


cari said...

Some people are so full of themselves.

cari said...

For the record, I'm talking about the food elitists. Just wanted to make that clear! :)

Columbus Foodie said...

Hear, hear. I'm all for fresh/local/organic/sustainable ingredients, but my budget doesn't always allow that. So I try to eat the best I can on a budget.

And if that's not good enough to fit in with the elitist bloggers, so be it. :)

Jordanian Princess said...

I was at work when I was reading this and was laughing for 5 minutes straight!

jake roi said...

Amen and Amen - oh and you said the "s" word - hah!