Thursday, June 25, 2009


S.C. Governor's Strange Absence Gets Stranger

By now we all know that the Governor has been playing nookie....I mean hookie with his mistress in Argentina. You know, out there among the Appalachian Argentinian mountains.

Why does it seem that 1 in every 5 governors in America is having trouble reining in their willies?(because 1 in 5 gov's IS having trouble reining them in) Do you think that these men reach a place of power and then become intoxicated with it?
I think so, also, they have far more freedom to come and go as they please. Most governor's can get in the car and go to the airport without anyone knowing who they are.

If I was a horny governor, I would keep a spare crappy car in some parking garage that has a cheap monthly rate. Then I would have $10,000 in cash stashed at an airport with a fake passport. I would take trips to the Caymans, and Mazatlan, like, all the time with my mistress. Then I could go home to my wife who has been running the household in my absence and explain that my tan came from my town hall meetings at Cape Hatteras and maybe swinging some clubs in Charleston. Yeah, that would be my plan. And if I get caught, who cares? I'll still run for president in 2012.

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