Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tale of Two Falls

The girls got me out of the house for my first field trip on Monday. We went to University Mall. Tina was hecka excited to use my handicapped sign for the first time. It really did come in handy. I needed lots of extra room just to get out of the car. And, I am still quite loaded down with pain killers, so the fact that the parking spot was close to the front door of the store really helped. I bought my knee walker on ebay and let me tell you. ...even though it is a piece of crap, it really helps. My poor wrists and shoulders just get hammered with crutches. MY walker is like the Yugo of walkers. It has the turn radius of a real car. I spend most of my time trying to back out of situations. So, on with the Falling part of the story, I still can't sit here very long, and I am ready to pass out soon.

We went into Express. Jordan's mother ship. they had these racks of clothes that had really wide bases with wheels on the bottomand my knee walker has wide front wheels as well. The two got tangled up and I took a header over my walker and landed really hard on my right hand. I secretly think it is fractured, but I refuse to put a cast on it so I will suffer here on my ownn. I was on the floor of Express crying and all sad and confused. When I took my header, I remember yelling, "oh my gosh Jordan, help me!!! " There were these two men there, one was picking up my peice of crap walker, and trying to put it together and the other one was trying to help me my saying nice things. Jordan was trying to pull my shorts down over my garments, and saying "oh poor mommy, oh poor mommy" . They picked me up and sat me on the walker. I insisted that we continue on with our outing, but I had a hard time picking up my spirits. I am still pretty sore from that experience.

Then yesterday I had to go with Tiny to a doctor appointment. As I was going up our cement stairs into our house I missed the last one and crashed onto the pavement and just started sobbing like a ninny. I hit my right hand again, and jarred my shoulder and wound up crying and sobbing as I crawled up the stairs. Christina helped me into bed and I took two percocets and a valium and went to bye- bye land for the rest of the day.

I think I am going to have to go get my hand x rayed.

I have more shitty things I could talk about but, you don't want to hear them. Believe me.

Tomorrow's post, if I can post, will be much more positive.


Malaina said...

Oh mom! I am so sorry! I'm going to come home tomorrow and see you!

Becky said...

Holy crap sister!!! One word of advice...stay home! (Oh wait, that's 2 words.) Anyway, I feel for you...cry all you want! One day you will look back and truly laugh...I hope. I just read your post out loud and Bill and I are laughing our heads off...laughing WITH not AT you, of course! So glad you are blogging again. I have missed you! Hang in there.

lalo said...

oh hunny!

cari said...

Oh man, that really stinks. I'm sorry! I hope your hand isn't broken.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't I know about any of this?!