Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Shed Some Real Tears Today.

My sister and I would listen and listen and dance and dance to this record (Don't Stop Till You Get Enough is my favorite M. J. song). Yes, I love Michael Jackson. Always have, always will. I remember when...... ahh, good times. Thanks Michael. (Hopefully- just for my one will leave negative feedback about how you lived, I just hope it is positive feedback about your amazing talent)

I also watched every single episode of Charlie's Angels. I thought Farrah was the worst actress in the show, but I loved when she would hit the tennis ball into the net and then run to the phone. I was secretly jealous of her legs, and I bought every single issue of Rona Barrett's Hollywood, or Gossip magazine when she was on the cover with her former husband Lee Majors. (Also reply to this post if you can name the color, make and model of the car she drove on the show.)

Reply to this post if you can name every single actress on the cover of this magazine (no fair cheating by enlarging the photo's to read the names)


cari said...

You know, there is NO denying the man's amazing talent! Have you heard any of the interviews with the Osmonds about Michael's death? They've been very interesting and it's been good to hear how he really was behind all his cooky antics. Yeah, he made some strange choices in his life but contributed so much. I would hope people could concentrate on the positive. Same with Farrah. It's amazing the courage she showed in the last years of her life! How awful it would have been to go through something like that in the public eye! I'm so sad for Ryan O'Neil right now.

As for your questions...
I can't think of Farrah's car. I think it was orange or red but I don't really remember. All I really remember about her was her gorgeous smile and hair.

The ladies on the magazine are: Kate Jackson, Suzanne Sommers, Cher, Jacklyn Smith, Linda Carter, Marie Osmond, Cheryl Ladd, Farrah, and Lindsey Wagner. (am I right?)

Cynthia's Blog said...

You are right on the ladies