Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crap Storm at the Not So Glad Home

Let me get one thing straight. I ADORE my family. I ADORE being a wife and mother. I generally even really like myself most of the time too. But friends, this week was so terrible that I was wishing I knew how to use Dave's hand gun on myself. Okay, not really, don't call the cops or the bishop or the state hospital, I wasn't considering suicide, but man what a week.

Two Friday's ago Jordan and Tiny had Gum Grafts. Oral surgery that, for Jordan's case was quite serious and precarious, but for Jordan it was a snap. She had very little pain, and was back to work full time on Tuesday.

But, for my poor Christina, her pain was never under control. (at the ER) The surgeon gave her Forinol. This was a drug I had never heard of and when I read the pharmacy drug information sheet, I noticed that it was usually used for chronic headaches. (Later in the week my Pediatrician had NEVER heard of it either).I thought this was a strange choice of pain medication, but I really put my faith in this surgeon. We called him the next day and said she was in such pain, he said he didn't feel comfortable prescribing Lortabs to her. So we proceeded as directed adding Tylenol and Motrin alternately. By Monday morning she was vomiting, and her bowels were completely stopped. (I stopped the Forinol on WED.) Thursday night we spent the entire night in the ER. They pumped her full of morphine, took an xray and some blood and sent us home. The ER doc did say the xray showed that she was full of gas and good luck working that out. I had her at the Pediatricians by noon Friday.
He took one look at her and got our story straight and sent her right to the hospital.

He said he can't count how many times he has had to clean up messes left by surgeons who just send kids home with pain meds and that's it. He didn't even want to talk to the surgeon. We got her there and they pushed IV fluids and poor thing was so dehydrated that she didn't start to urinate until the second bag was nearly gone, almost 10 hours later.
The Good Boyfriend

IN THE MEAN-TIME.....Thursday night while we are at the ER with Tiny, a 6'1" white male PERVERT was snooping through my 21 year old Malaina's dorm room apartment up at the University of Utah. Her dorm has a kitchen-living area and 4 private bedrooms. Her roommate closest to the entrance woke up startled to see a man sniffing her dirty laundry. She let out a scream and the man groped her and stole her underwear and bras, then ran out. The girls have no idea how many hours the man was there. Malaina was freaked out. She sleeps with earplugs and an eye mask and is a very heavy sleeper, could he have gone through her bedroom, did he touch her? Those are the questions she is asking herself. She is very distraught. So Several hours later, after fingerprints, detective interviews, locksmiths etc. she is a wreck. She packs up her bags to come home on Trax. Jordan picks her up in Sandy and takes her to dinner and a movie, then to top it put a nail in the Gaddis coffin 'o crap.....

Jordan gets the mother of all Migraine headaches in the movie and they have to leave. ( When she gets a migraine it is Really bad and evil) Thank heaven Malaina can drive a stickshift and she takes her home. Jordan calls me in tears to check on her sister and I say :"Get thee to bed!!! Two percocets go now!" It was so bad that she woke up at 10:30 that night and was still sick and had to take two more tylenol pm's.

So let's recap Friday:
  • Mother on crutches
  • Sick Child in the hospital
  • Distraught victim adult daughter, barely holding herself together.
  • Drastically ill third daughter, with no one to care for her.
  • Husband who is ready to wire my jaw shut. (poor ain't easy living with 4 women including one freaked out wife and mother)
Here I am clucking over my chick

Sunday afternoon, I am still worried about Tiny, she has a low grade fever, and is not sleeping well. She is able to eat, but is too weak to walk and try to keep her bowels moving. I stay home with her while Dave takes Malaina back to the "U". The University is moving them to a new building and apartment, and is going to provide counseling. I hope she can get through the week. I think she may opt. to stay and Grandma and Grandpa's house. Jordan is better and is the least of my worries, except that she has a boyfriend she really likes.... but that is a whole other story.

Dave and Cindy still have the energy to race to the car at the end of a rotten day.


Tawna said...

Wow! That is probably in the top 5 crappiest weeks I've ever heard about! hope everything gets better

Hey Jude! said...

I love the Glad Home! I hope things are going better for you guys!