Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Crap-Storm Update and Movies

Tiny ate some cheese pizza today. Her tummy is slowly coming back to life. She is at the 5 month old kitten stage instead of newborn kitten. Thankfully this set back came during the summer and not during the school year.

The U of U pervert was not caught. I doubt he will be. Malaina is doing better. She continues to turn bats into mice, or mice into bats, I forget which. You can follow her blog here

Jordan has moved to Pleasant Grove. This is the 4th move this year. We are sure this will be the last time for at least a month or two.

Dave continues to go fishing to forget the messes we girls have made of his summer. And I will get my walking cast on Monday. Yea!!!

Here are a few of my favorite movies, remember, in no particular order:

EverAfter....ahhh if there is a better Cinderella story, I don't know of it.
The delish Scot actor, Dugray Scott, still makes me gulp when I see him! You will delight in the cumuppance the wicked stepmother and sister get in the end!!!

Dave and I watch this over and over!!! We found it is better to watch with subtitles. You MUST be an avid Science Fiction fan to sit through this movie.
Paul Attradies of House Attradies takes control over planet Arrakis a desert planet devoid of any water at all..."Dune". Arrakis is the only place in the known universe where the "spice" is mined. The" spice" is used to fold space. He who controls Arrakis controls....well...everything. And Paul becomes the Kwisatz Hadarach... You just gotta watch it/read it "Dune" by Frank Herbert

This is the movie that made me a true Kevin Bacon fan. Val and Earl are two Handymen who leave Perfection, Nevada "just one damn day too late". As they leave town they run into several suspicious deaths. What IS under the ground anyway? This is a hillarious comedy/monster movie that will have you giggling in no time flat!

"What's Up Doc?" by the great Peter Bogdanovich. Barbara Striesand is amazing as Judy, the college student who attracts trouble like an Emo cutter at Provo High. Ryan O'Neal is wonderful as the dorky grant seeking professor, Howard Bannister, that Judy takes a shine too. This is the story of 4 suitcases and the people who want them, and the "screwball comedy" situations they all make for themselves. It is my favorite comedy of all time. Madeline Khan and other supporting actors steal the show. Cole Porter's "You're the Top's" is sung to
perfection, by Ms. Striesand too.

Here is my "left-wing" showing. I love these three transvestites. Patrick Swayze, Westly Snipes and John Leguzamo are so funny in this comedy that shows how these girls turn a redneck town into a coming of age happenin' place.
"To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmarr", has the longest name for a movie I have ever seen, but you will enjoy the adventures anyhow.

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Jordanian Princess said...

Not the 4th!!! Just the 3rd!!!!!