Saturday, July 18, 2009

Really Rotten Email and My Response

I got a pretty disturbing email in my inbox last week. It was in response to an email a friend sent out to several people about a quote President Harold B. Lee made in support of our country and it's constitution. He asked us not to "preach pessimism".

I loved that! Don't preach pessimism. I think there is a fine line between voicing our opinions, for or against any issue and down right pessimism. As Americans, freedom of speech is paramount!

We have every right to protest, and we should become vocal if warranted. Writing letters, forming boycotts, attending rallies, etc... is how to get things done. Yes! Should we burn the flag, threaten, or become violent? No way.

But this letter that came to my email was just plain scary. He qualified himself as an "independent", that both sides of the party line were messing up this country. But he asserted that President Obama has done more to cause our constitution harm than any other president in history. That he was the "literal fulfilment of Last Days prophecies". He all but called him Satan incarnate.

When members of the church try to prophesy and send out an email it really irks me. I don't care if you are an independent, red, green or gay! Stop preaching pessimism! Do not try to sneak your maniacal dogma into my inbox and expect me to stay quite. Oh no sirree. Not that anybody out there is reading this anyway. Whew! This was very therapeutic!


Nicola said...

I am reading, and I hear you. Thank you for standing up!

Becky said...

I read what you wrote and I agree! Thanks for taking the time to take a stand!

Jordanian Princess said...