Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiny Feels So Much Better

So my darling Tiny has had a miserable summer. She has just now stared to feel better and is able to do some of my "honey do's" around the house. She usually mops for me once a week, but once again, since she has been sick, that is a job nobody else will touch. I appreciate her so much.

As is tradition in the Glad household, the girls mop on all fours. They remove their pants and go "slip-n-slide" style. Once the entire floor is wet, they double back over the slippery floor and give it a good scrub. Then slide around some more and slop up the extra wet parts.

Tiny has found a full time job for the remainder of the summer. She is working sometimes 11 hours a day. I credit Floradix for getting her healthy. She started taking this liquid iron, and in less than 2 days, she was feeling almost back to normal.

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lalo said...

mmmmm tasty iron! Tiny is so gorgeous! Good job :)