Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cafe Rio Review

I can only recall doing one restaurant review before on this blog. I think it is time for another. But it is a bummer because Cafe Rio is paranoid of knockoffs or "corporate espionage" so they don't allow video or photography inside (and y'all knows I loves me some photography!). Jordan and I went to dinner after my physical therapy session. ( an aside)We are so funny... I made Jordan go with me because there is a good looking therapist at the office, I wanted her to flirt with him. Jordan is masterful at the art of flirting.

"Hi, I'm Jordan, this is my mother Cindy. What's your name? You look familiar, did you go to Provo? Oh really? Viewmont? My grandparents live directly across the street from the Viewmont tennis courts! How did you end up living here in Springville? Oh, you are on your last year at BYU, me too, only I go to UVU. What does this contraption plug into? Where did you serve your mission? Oh, wow, that's great..."
And on it goes. We actually had him blush once or twice.
He could not take his eyes off her.

So, we go into Cafe Rio at the Plum Tree Shopping center on the diagonal, and we walk in @ 6:00, and miracle of miracles, there is zero line! We both order the salad, mine grilled steak, her's grilled chicken. They have this really nice ranch, tomatillo, avocado, lime dressing that goes with it too. The salad comes with a large thick tortilla and melted cheese as a base. Then, beans, (pinto or black), rice, lettuce, pico, guacamole, cotilla cheese and a wedge of lime and then really good corn tortilla strips. Basically an unrolled huge burrito.

  • The food 9 out of 10. It was good value for money, very good. The salad was$ 7.95
  • Service. It would be 10/10 but the men would not stop staring at Jordan, and then making sucking noises at her while she was eating her food. 5/10
  • Cleanliness 9/10.
  • Overall 7/10... I'll be back.


Jordanian Princess said...

they were kissing noises and they were directed to you...I think it was the orange crutch that made them fall for you.

Hey Jude! said...

Hey! We have the recipe for the salad and the dressing if you want it!

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Becky said...

In case I forget...if Jordan is unattached in August, we have a friend who will be back at BYU from an internship in Moscow, and I want to line them up! He is the son of a friend of mine here in our ward. He's darling and a little older (25 or so, I think)...LONG story, but I think it might be a "fit"...remind me.