Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Look for the Purple Purse

This is not the most flattering angle of me I must admit. But everything must be documented in my journey towards a happy foot.
I am getting some stimuli and heat before beginning the exercises.

I went to Nordstrom, and I was bad, very, very, bad. I have a new Makowsky handbag, in stylish lavender. I am crazy about it. The only way Dave can stop me from spending is to kick the crutches out from under me, and even then I can crawl.

Did anyone see last week's issue of Time? (click on the photo or here to read the article)

Shock of the year....did you know the family is under attack?!!? Once again, LDS faithful are in "the know" before the rest of the world. It is a very right of center article, and it is about Time (no pun intended).

Here is the gist...
  • Marriage is a covenant between man and wife (it should be more sacred)
  • A father in the home is essential. (even left wingers agree on this )
  • Affairs can damage children for a lifetime....duh



McClintock said...

Gotta miss those knock offs purchased from the mysterious "purse lady" I never did meet her...

Cynthia's Blog said...

Karen....shhhh!!!!!They were NOT knock offs!!! They were black market!!! very hush, hush. When you have to make an appointment to see the bags through your "contact", and the whole apartment smells like leather..well...enough said.