Sunday, October 18, 2009

Double Trouble

Here is my oldest friend. We have known each other from the womb. When a friend calls and needs help... you show up! My friend Danese is going through some painful times and called me to go with her on a day of "ESCAPE".

So we loaded the bus, to Deer Hunters Widow's weekdend to Wendover and had some fun.

There was this nasty security guard following us around and telling us to stop taking pictures. I finally told him to get the heck out of our shot and to stop being such a downer. (Only not that nice.)
Here we are doing what we do best together, getting into trouble.
I can never pass up good oportunity for an "artsy" shot. Here I am out side of same casino taking a photo of myself.

I have to say, I had lots of fun. And won lots of money. *grin*

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