Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hatch Green Chile Love

I am a true New Mexican American at heart. My cousin Angie has traced some of my maternal lineage back to the French Alps, then to Spain, then with the conquistadors who brought Catholicism to the Northern Mexican territory and became the founders of Santa Fe, the oldest capitol city in North America. Go to Bernallio Cemetery, and I will be related to nearly everyone there. The Spaniards mixed with the Indian people of the area and voila! Here come the Lucero's.
My maternal Grandfather

Same Grandfather as a young man
My Mother and her Mother behind her. My Mom is the young girl in the middle.

Here below are some Hatch green chile's that my parents brought back to me on their recent visit to my sister last week. If you go to New Mexico in September, you will be greeted by the amazing smell of roasting chile WHEREVER YOU GO!!! There is no other perfume like a roasting green chile. All of my Coloradoan cousins know this is a smell of family and hearth and home! My paternal grandparents were settlers of Colorado too. They were there to meet the Mormon settlers who came later to the southern Colorado region. Voila' then came the Suazo's. Suazo is a Basque surname. We have not been as diligent on that side of the family with our genealogy as we should. But it should be easy to follow that name into the past.

Above is the way I roast a multitude of chile. Then I freeze them. When I want to use them I defrost and peel the roasted skin away.

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Joyce said...

ooo! Those chiles are so pretty and I am supremely jealous. :)

cari said...

I love the old pictures! So great.

Becky said...

Tasted Hatches Green Chiles for the first time this weekend...wonderful!!!

Lauri said...

I don't have pictures on my laptop of my heritage but my family were some of the Mormon Settlers in southern Colorado, I was born in Alamosa. And I love those Chiles my husband workded on a project in New Mexico and brought them home on a regular basis. Now he's working in Honolulu and I get some great fresh things there too! Small world.