Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pink Pigs r Cute!

I bought a recent magazine that had these darling pig cupcakes on the cover. I knew an opportunity would come soon where I could offer them up. We made these for a cake walk at a church Halloween party.

Here is Tiny decorating the frosted cupcakes.

As you can see, even big kids are delighted by these cuties.
This tray came home empty.
I used a strawberry cake mix. I substituted milk for the water to make a more firm cupcake. Frosted them pink, snipped the marshmallow in two. Poked lead holes for the nostrils with a small carving fork, and filled the holes with upside down butterscotch chips. Used mini chips for the eyes, and strawberry wafer cookies cut into triangles for the ears. EASY!
As cute as these cupcakes are the exact polar opposite was this ugly Green Hulk that adorned my front porch. The Glad man LOVES to dress up for Halloween!

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McClintock said...

I love the costumes, yes even the glad man!