Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Real Food Tastes Best

  • You know how some people become addicted to caffeine or tobacco?
  • The first thing they think of in the morning is their smoke or their cuppa?
  • They plan their work breaks around the cigarette they are dying to smoke?
Well the newest sensation to hit Facebook is Cafe World. I guess it is not really new by gaming standards, but it has gained just 1.5 million users just today. This game is so easy to play that even a dingbat like me can do it. Basically what you do is run, build and maintain a little cafe by making dishes to serve. You unlock levels and foods etc, as you progress in the game. Zynga, the makers of Cafe World and other popular games would be my suggestion to those looking to invest in a sure thing. Wow, they have made it so easy to get hooked! I actually planned my day around the game today. I ran out to run errands and I knew I had to be back in 54 minutes because that is when my French Onion Soup was going to be ready, and if I missed the window, it would spoil and I would lose out on 4 hours of work.
There is virtually no cost involved in maintaining this game unless you count your happy marriage, your children's school progression, and dinner on your real life dinner table as worthy of losing. I will cook whatever food I have on the stoves in my virtual cafe, get it finished and delete soon. At least in a couple of days or so.....

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Jordanian Princess said...

ending the game in a few days? right.......