Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Many Faces Of "O"

OH ME, OH MY, I wish that I could buy...
...everything from Ikea that is.

Just look at my new purchase!!!
Orange is the best color on earth!!!!
Passion, Heat, Earth

This man is so disgusted with me interrupting his playoff game.
Ohh, Ohh,Phillies!

I needed something to put my crap, uh, I mean crafts in. My supplies are readily at hand now. I have yarns, and all my batik paints out of boxes that were in my living room for 2 years. I bought a pretty basket to put my sofa cushions in too.

Here is the recent feud with the neighbors.
(Note the ORANGE violation sticker)She hasn't moved the Command Post for 5 days, I called today and put in a complaint. How does one woman have so much stuff? I have a smaller house and more people living in my home and she still has more junk than I do. Just keep it put away please.

I think this is a darling photo of Tiny glowing in the orange ambient light of my new Ikea lamp. Here with her cute boyfriend Brandon.
Retail therapy and blogging, just what the doctor (literally) Ordered.

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Us said...

I hope you don't mind that I added you as a friend on my blog. I LOVE your orange lamp, I think I might have to go and copy you before Sean comes home and says "no."