Monday, April 21, 2008

Mother/Daugher Differences

Can you spot the differences in these pictures?

(Answers: about 100 pounds, 50 wrinkles, 1,000 gray hairs, 75 age spots, and perfect vision.)

As we were on the flight home, Christina and I got pretty bored and these pictures were part of the outcome of our silliness.
I have been a blessed woman to be the mother of three daughters. Each one is as different as tulips, daisies and roses are from each other; each breathtakingly beautiful, but individually unique. Christina and I have a very open relationship, with many aspects. Brutal honesty, is a must when dealing with Christina, she can tell if she is being deceived. She insists on liberty and justice for all...including animals. Jordan is the saucy tartlett, the attention getter, the self proclaimed "hoochie mama of the Bureau", everyone's best friend. Malaina is the stalwart student of fact, analytical, practical, gellical, and sensitive as a cat's whiskers, and in her own words.."speaks fluent dork". One of my favorite holidays; Mother's Day. With children like mine, who can blame me?

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