Friday, April 18, 2008

Yes,We Are Coming Home..Tomorrow

You few readers of my blog are probably thinking...crap, another blog from New York? I am so sick of this woman and her stupid adventures. When is she going to come home to her husband and children? Well, I am coming home after I tell you about the Yankee's/Red Sox game. Oh my gosh, I had so much fun watching the Yankee fans screaming at the Red Sox fans in the stands. There was this one guy who was so loud; he was sitting about 5 rows behind us and I kid you not, he single handedly started about 4 stadium wide cheers! Anyhoo...he started to get so drunk and profane that he was caught in the act throwing things at people in red. The cops came up in two's and took his ass down! Manny Ramirez hit two home run's, and the Yankee fans were furious at their star pitcher the "useless", Mike Mussina, (I quote directly from a Yankee fan, I remain NEUTRAL).
  • 200 dollars Yankee tickets(Behind Home Plate!)
  • 12 dollars Cracker Jacks
  • 5 dollars peanuts
  • 8 dollars Subway tickets
  • 15 dollars Pizza and pop (1 of each)
  • 10 dollars disposable camera (I forgot my fancy camera)
  • Last season for Yankee Stadium and a MLB game with my daughter... PRICELESS.

How many people can say they saw the fabulous, amazing, stupendous, ledgendary Patty Lupone in one of the most famous roles ever created for the Broadway stage!? Well, I am an ingnoramous when I say I had no idea that there were so many famous songs from Gypsy! Three famous ones.."Let Me Entertain You", (Ginger Grant sang that on Gilligans Island), "Wherever We Go" (Marcia Brady and Carol Brady sang that on the Brady Bunch) "Everything's Coming up Roses"(made famous by the LOUD Ethyl Merman).

One of my family's favorite movies is "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar", with Patrick Swayze, and Wesley Snipes. Well there are several references in that movie that come from "Gypsy"; Remember when Patrick is dressed up in drag for the first time as Miss Vita Boheme, and he looks in the mirror and says.."Here comes momma!"? Well, straight from Gypsy.

This is The Glad(and slightly indulged) Housewife signing off from The Big Apple, and saying farewell to a fabulous town!


cari said...

So, now that you have Broadway fresh in your mind, you know we will be expecting a performance of "Let Me Entertain You" at the ward Broadway Night. Oh, yes we will!

I'm so glad you've had such a priceless trip with your daughter. I love it!

Tawna said...

Well, I was surprised to see the word "ass" on your blog. Yes, I can't get over it. Yes, I keep reading it, because I just can't picture that coming from you. My image of you is now on a more normal, human level. I am still waiting for a gift from NYC.

Cynthia's Blog said...

Yes Tawna, I do say the word "ass" occasionally when it is imperative to the plot of the story.When I am really naughty I will say "dumb-ass".

Anonymous said...

you should upload some broadway music to play when we get on your blog